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I did order flowers for San Valentine, using 123-flowers.co.uk.They well advertised that they could deliver flowers by the 14th of February and "100% satisfaction guaranteed".

They were not able to deliver flowers yesterday and they didn't arrive yet. In any case flowers are usually bought for special occasion and must be deliver by then or it is pointless to send flowers if they arrive afterwards. The fact that this company claimed that they were able to provide a service they were not able to deliver, meant that I failed to show my care to the people I care of. Their failure was mine too unfortunately.

I am very pissed now with this group and they don't even reply to me.Terrible group unable to cope with a simple business: deliver flowers on time for the occasions where flowers are bough by customers, like San Valentine.


Scarborough, England, United Kingdom #622845

My daughter brought me flowers from this company for mothers day they arrived on Saturday when she paid extra for sunday by Monday the flowers where dying iv emailed them 3 times and have had no reply im really disgusted with the way they have handled this matter and would advise people not to buy fron these people sue

123 Flowers - Flowers & vase were not delivered but money was paid

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I ordered flowers and vase to be delivered to my aunt who lives abroad.This was over Christmas and then went away on holiday, thinking that she had got a nice surprise for her birthday.

When I arrived back from holiday I wondered what I had done wrong as both families were not speaking.....she thought we had forgotten her birthday....THIS IS ALL BECAUSE 123 FLOWERS DID NOT DELIVER BUT TOOK THE MONEY.This has almost split 2 families up over Christmas.They ought to be ashamed at that and not replying to my 2 complaints about this.

123 Flowers - Total Scam!!! Do not use these bandits!!!!

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I ordered flowers on Monday January 14th for delivery on January 18th , my Mothers special 80th Birthday. I was attracted to the professional website, repeated advertising of money back gurantee, satisfaction guaranteed etc, and the long well though out Terms and Conditions. Obviously professionals I thought???? How wrong was I !!!,

Initially strange that there was no immediate E mail confirmation of the order so I tried to find a contact number to call...nothing on the site???.

So contacted customer service on the web page portal to confirm the order. no response. They took my money the next day though ...oh yes very efficient in the department!!!,

Three more E mails over the next days ..no response. And of course, no flowers delivered on the big day!!!

Bloody robbing bastards..they take your money for nothing!!!!

It seems they are owned by Prestige Flowers, who are also playing the same game, and there are 100's of pissed customers who have been treated in the same way!!!

We have to take joint action to shut these Guys down....

Absolutely DO NOT USE....You will be robbed!

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